A Cashmere Pashmina Can Bring Perfect Elegance!

Can’t keep calm, it’s your wedding photo shoot!! If you are searching out ideas on how to make these special pics a permanent part of your memory, you are at the right place.

This post will give you a complete idea of what to wear for your photo shoot and how to complement this look with your partner. Any thoughts on your dress? OK, ever thought of choosing a pink cashmere pashmina for pairing it?

pink cashmere pashmina

If not, then, you are missing out on a huge fashion trend. In recent times, pink pashmina has become a craze, and given the fact that it goes perfectly with a Western look, most couples are choosing this for their photo shoot. Why don’t you also check out this look?

Photoshoot styles in pashmina

1. If white is the colour

For the lady: With photo shoot being done, you can don an FMW Lace Neckline Pencil Dress. Try out the ballroom dance position to perfect this picture and don’t miss a headband to embellish that bun.

For the man: If your man can carry one, then a white tuxedo with a black bow is a great choice to pair your white dress. Remember you have a raspberry pink pashmina to match up your standards.

2. Go for all black – the classic look

For the lady: With black being the chosen colour, try out the FMW Floral Lace Skater Dress with a pair of diamond drops. For this photo shoot, it is best if you go in for a romantic Titanic pose while your partner looks romantically at you.

Also, your blush pink shawl must be tied in belt style, but this time with a single knot on one side.

For the man: Nothing makes a man look better than a classic black suit. Just add a pink rose to his look! Remember you have a cashmere pashmina to pair yourself with.

3. Yellow – white combo will look nice

For the lady: If you choose the Schiffley Panel Tie Shoulder Dress in yellow for this shoot, do embellish it with a high ponytail and a chunky ring.

That yellow attire of yours, a pashmina in pink is a perfect match.

For the man: With your lady rocking in bright yellow, you can tone down your look with any white suit, or a double-breasted coat.

4. Blue is the shade not to miss!

For the lady: A shawl in pink paired with an aqua or pastel ensemble is the get-up for this moment. Maybe, you could try out a Ruffle Wrap Dress for this moment.

For the man: Light blue suit with a white shirt can flawlessly pair you with your lady’s attire.

Make-up to check out

When you are already donning a pink cashmere pashmina for your special look. It is best that you keep the make-up low. For most people, a rush of kohl, a touch of mascara and light shade on the lips is an excellent choice.

In case of hairstyles, options include – high ponytail, bun, one-sided plait and a simple knot. Don’t miss out on light accessories and either a clutch or a sling bag to complete the look.

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