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Doesn’t Your Product Deserve a Great Sales Rank on Amazon?

Does it seem like you’ve poured your heart, soul and hard earned cash into a product that isn’t selling and it’s like all your money is locked up somewhere and…

Amazon Threw Away the Key?!

Let’s answer some questions shall we.

You Have A Great Product, Right?

Of course you do! You didn’t take this investment lightly. You have your blood, sweat and tears wrapped up in this fantastic product, and YOU KNOW that this product is not just going to make you a lot of money, buy you know that your product is Going To Change Peoples’ Lives!

Amazon Arrow

You Did All the Research and Spent Late Nights At the Computer Trying To Figure Out The Answer To This One Question…


Hi, my name is Chris Sickle and I’m here to help you get back on track and to set your weary mind at ease.

Amazon selling is supposed to be fun, isn’t it?!

It is a lot of fun, once you start making sales
Once you get a great sales rank for your keywords, and…
Once you have a Killer Listing!

In order to own your category and  take your product listing to the top you need just

Three Little Things

You need…

Whether you are just getting started with your product or if it has been silently waiting for attention from one of the back pages on Amazon, it doesn’t matter, you can achieve all these things, and I can help you do it!

Here at Amazon product listings I can help you with everything from simply writing an awesome Amazon SEO service listing for your private label product, self manufactured original product or your entire product line if you have multiple SKUs, to  getting you a list of keywords to target.

I can help you with Amazon’s PPC (pay per click) Sponsored Ads and analyze the data that we get from running the ads.

I can tell you whether to use the automatic ads or the manual ads.

I can help you do a product launch and really  boost your ranking, practically overnight!

Or if you just want to relax and let someone else do the heavy lifting, I can manage your listing from product launch through your first couple months.

If you are interested in my services and how I can help you grow your business and grow your brand, please click below and you can view my services offerings in detail and decide which services will be best for you.

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