Melatonin as well as Migraine Headaches – What’s the Connection?

If perhaps you’re a person who is suffering from migraine headaches, you understand exactly how important when is for getting fast relief every time a migraine begins. A migraine is able to lead to graphic modifications, vomiting and nausea and severe sensitivity to sounds and also to light. It is able to put a stop to the entire day of yours. Many people have a migraine see they have to head to a dark, quiet, space to lie down and sleep it all. Lately, there have been several scientific studies on the consequences of the herbal product melatonin and it has effect on migraines.


Melatonin is a substance found naturally in the brain of yours which helps you to regulate your body’s sleep cycle. Melatonin has been used because years, for a lot of disorders.

The following are only a couple of examples to provide you with a concept of the freedom of melatonin:


It’s been established that melatonin is going to help with sleep problems in an individual with Alzheimer’s disease.


A great deal of promising scientific studies have been accomplished on creatures that show melatonin is a great free radical scavenger. The free radicals are just what does damage to the health of ours.

High blood pressure.

We have seen a few studies which show that melatonin may be good at reducing blood pressure.

Inflammatory bowel syndrome.

Melatonin has show promise in treating the signs related to this condition.


Right now there are already studies lately that appear to lead people to a relationship between melatonin levels as well as migraines. The research has been very few, though they’ve discovered that migraine patients that take melatonin on a frequent basis are establishing fewer migraines. Whether is because of the impact that melatonin has on the amounts of serotonin in the brain of yours isn’t obvious. It’s been believed that serotonin levels will influence the frequency of yours of migraines also.

Scientific studies show that taking three mg of melatonin prior to bedtime every night reduced the likelihood of migraines in more than fifty % of the migraine patients studied. The study participants found the severity of the migraines had been decreased additionally while taking melatonin.

Buying melatonin

Melatonin is a fairly safe drug and you can buy melatonin at a lot of health food stores and in the pharmacy of yours. The number of side effects which were found from taking melatonin are headaches, excessive drowsiness and nausea. Women that are expecting or breastfeeding shouldn’t take melatonin because the impact of melatonin on unborn kids and babies isn’t known. It’s additionally recommended that individuals with autoimmune diseases shouldn’t take melatonin.

If perhaps you’re a migraine sufferer

Consider the own experiment of yours with melatonin. Take three mg of melatonin approximately thirty to sixty minutes before bed every evening. Document the day that you begin as well as go on taking if for two to three months. Document some migraines that you have in this particular time period and also note the severity of the duration as well as the suffering. When you do not have some migraines, make note of which too. If you’ve noticed a great improvement in the migraines of yours, then it’s safe to state you’ve discovered the connection between migraines and melatonin.

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