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Most are aware that Six Nations of the Grand River is a community blessed with talented athletes who play hockey, lacrosse and baseball.

What some may not know is that the youth of our community are also blessed with literary talent and a desire to write their own stories.

This site features the literary efforts from the youth in our community.

The Six Nations Writers believe that the literary talent of our youth, like seeds planted in the spring, needs to be nurtured and encouraged in order for their talent to grow.

Meet Our Young Writers

Coral Curley from the Onondaga nation and the Beaver clan

Jonn Joseph from the Onondaga Clearsky nation and the Turtle clan (updated)

Robbynne Joseph from the lower Cayuga nation and the Turtle clan

Samantha Styres from the Onondaga nation and the Bear clan

If you would like to be a Young Voices member with the Six Nations Writers contact Lisa Van you can get in contact on her website or on her cellphone 645 674 2345


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